Generally, goods are made to order using quality machinery to form curtains, drapes and other soft goods. Skilled labour and high standards in a modern environment ensure you can buy with confidence. Find out about our Marquee Lining services

Starcloth Lining

For a truly full-on, full-effect lining system, why not consider our Starcloth lining option…

  • High-Spec Ltd introduced colour starlight lining in 1998, well before anyone else had considered a user friendly system like this. Our roof linings have lots of lights. Each will twinkle white or a color combination if required. For example, white, pink & white, blue & white, or gold & white twinkles.
  • Our system really is “plug & play”, with no special power or controls needed.
  • The linings can be attached to hip ends, roofs, in the middle or around whole marquees. Whatever you require, it really is no problem.
  • We have a hire option if that’s the route for you.

Make the most of our experience to gain maximum effect with quick and easy set-up.

Sports Hall Lining

Our sports hall linings offer a quick and easy transformation!Using our sports hall linings you can really maximise your venue’s potential by hosting a multitude of different events, increasing utilisation, and servicing the needs of your local community!

Specialist One-Offs

  • Temporary
  • Permanent

You can supply us with a design for your pipe and drapes, linings or curtains etc. or we can assist you with the design using your ideas and our experience.All products are manufactured to our usual high quality standard.


Stage Drapes



Stage Valance

We manufacture quality front-of-house curtains and stage blacks and Valance using fire retardant fabrics to the required specifications.Walk-along or powered track rails can be supplied.