Pipe and Drape solutions

Pipe and Drape is the flexible draping system you can install anywhere. It is quick and simple to set up and you won’t need any tools nor specialist equipment. The system uses telescopic poles called Uprights and Crossbars, which make up the frame system. By choosing from our range sizes you can construct a frame to work in virtually any room size.


We have in our range of Uprights poles from 4ft in height up to a whopping 20ft – that’s 6m! Whether its walls, backdrops, booths, concealment or dividers Pipe & Drape is the ideal solution because it is lightweight, easy to store, easy to transport and easy to setup.


Due to the increased interest and demand in the Pipe & Drape product we have introduced a range of Kits to make choosing and buying the components that much easier. We have based these on popular requirements for example the most typical drape stand if the “goal post” – a set of two Uprights with bases, and a Crossbar. We have a choice of two Kits that make up this type of arrangement which offer a range of sizes as required. Expanding a Kit like this is very simple – just add one of our Extensions kits. There is no limit to the number of Extensions that can be added, and with our range of Accessories you can tackle more unusual setups like rows of booths for an exhibition for example. Take a look at the full range of Kits and our new Professional Kits for the AV Industry, too

All of these products can be purchased Direct from us via our Pipe and Drape Direct website.