Marquee Decoration

If you have an event planned this summer involving a marquee, and are looking for a bespoke marquee decoration service, then High Spec UK may be able to help.

Our team specialise in the manufacture and supply of drapes and linings for events, catering to both outdoor marquees, alongside interiors too.

With various swags and overlays available to give your marquee a more layered, professional look, we can provide you with pleated, blackout or star cloth draped designs, as well as a variety of swags and overlays.

Available to hire or buy, you can see what some of our finished marquee projects look like here.

Furthermore, High Spec offers a specialised installation service, whereby we use the fittings around the marquee, or our own support system to set the marquee up on your behalf.

If you would like to receive more details on how High Spec can benefit your marquee decoration project, do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our experienced team to discuss your requirements. Either ring us on 01455 842000, email us at, or visit our contact page to fill in a trade enquiry.

Lining For Every Occasion And Room

If you are looking for versatile drapes and lining for an indoor or outdoor event, then High Spec UK could be the solution for you!

Manufacturing and supplying dressings and drapes for both marquees and interior venues, High Spec provide lining for every occasion and room.

With products available to hire or buy, in addition to our pleated drapes, we have flat, blackout, star cloth and stretch designs, and a variety of swags and overlays to boot.

Our experienced team is also on hand to offer you an expert installation service,: we can use any fixings provided or our own drape support system to install interior linings in any room, for any occasion.

For a full overview of High Spec’s products and services, either leave us a trade enquiry on our contact page, email us at or call 01455 842000.

Our friendly staff can provide you a great personal service and are very knowledgeable indeed, so get in touch with us if you’d like to benefit from our quality cost-effective marquee linings!

Hall Lining

Hall Lining

Events take place all over the country at all times of the year. In Leicestershire alone for example there are regular comedy and art events taking place at the Snibston Museum. These events include high tech light and sound shows that bring the old coal mining town to life, and let people really experience the history of the area. Melton Mowbray, another Leicestershire town, host a variety of performances from stage work to ballet in the Melton Theatre. All of these events require a lot of work in order to be put on without any mistakes overshadowing them entirely, even if it’s just installing marquee lining.

Before all of the audience arrive to appreciate the event that will be taking place many things need to have happened. If the event is in a building then the hall lining needs to be up in order to create the right atmosphere, and marquee lining installation is imperative. Alternatively events can be held outdoors, in which case marquee lining services will need to be employed in order to properly install the marquee linings. In certain cases events will require a room to be created in the middle of a building’s grounds and so free standing drape supports will be needed in order to accomplish this.

One company that helps with all of these pipe and drape services is HighSpec. The company have a range of products and services that can help any event achieve just the atmosphere they are after. Sports hall lining and starcloth lining are two of the most common products required by an event’s organisers, but a reveal gable or false gable are also high up on the priority list for some. HighSpec have worked with many different companies, organising events in order to make sure that they are exactly as they have been as they should’ve been. There are of course those individuals organising events who require products like traditional marquee lining for a wedding, and HighSpec have been able to help them as well.