The Use Of Our Backdrops

Our backdrops can turn any old sports hall or village hall into a spectacular venue to host all types of events. We can make your venue look professional and new. Our backdrops can be left as a permanent fixture making your hall look brand new or they can be installed just for a one off event at a low price.

Just think of the events you could use our lining for. Firstly you could have this lining installed temporarily for somebody’s wedding. We can make the whole room glistening white to make their day that little bit more special. But it does not have to be a hall, we can set up our backdrop in a marquee which can then be taken down.

If your venue is hosting an awards ceremony we design to any of your specifications to make sure the spotlight is on whoever has won an award. We can add light fixtures that create any effect that you desire. We can also decorate the rest of the room to make the tables and chairs match the rest of your room. Whatever you need to make your room look perfect we can install to impress everyone that enters it.

We can also set up our backdrops in schools, shopping centres, shop windows, hospitals and much more. These are hassle free and can be set up in minutes. If you need us out of the way quickly then this is ideal for you as we do not require any tools either. Our backdrop hire can match whatever occasion you want, we are currently prepared to fulfil everyone’s Christmas needs for their festive parties and gatherings. For Christmas parties we have decorations to match everything, from snowflakes in various sizes to various sized Santa statues that can make everyone jolly.

Lining For Every Occasion And Room

If you are looking for versatile drapes and lining for an indoor or outdoor event, then High Spec UK could be the solution for you!

Manufacturing and supplying dressings and drapes for both marquees and interior venues, High Spec provide lining for every occasion and room.

With products available to hire or buy, in addition to our pleated drapes, we have flat, blackout, star cloth and stretch designs, and a variety of swags and overlays to boot.

Our experienced team is also on hand to offer you an expert installation service,: we can use any fixings provided or our own drape support system to install interior linings in any room, for any occasion.

For a full overview of High Spec’s products and services, either leave us a trade enquiry on our contact page, email us at or call 01455 842000.

Our friendly staff can provide you a great personal service and are very knowledgeable indeed, so get in touch with us if you’d like to benefit from our quality cost-effective marquee linings!